The Saola/Asian Unicorn
The Saola is critically endangered and rapidly declining because forests are being cleared and people hunt it.
Their scientific name is Pseudoryx Nghetinhensis.
  • A description of the animal would be that its coat is a dark brown with a black line along the back. Its legs are darkish and there are white blotches on the feet, and white stripes vertically across the cheeks, on the eyebrows and splotches on the nose and chin. All saolas have slightly backward-curved horns, which grow to half a meter in length.
  • There are only 250 mature individuals left and that number is declining.
  • The saola stands about 85 cm and weighs approximately 90 kg.The Saola is found in Lao People's Democratic Republic; Vietnam.
  • They live in mountain forests during the rainy seasons.
  • They are reported to eat small leafy plants—especially fig leaves, and stems along rivers. Saolas usually live in small groups of less than five animals.
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